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United States artist whose work reflected social and political themes (1898-1969)

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(17/) Howard Greenfeld, Ben Shahn: An Artist's Life (New York: Random House, 1998), 190.
Kitaj and Ben Shahn -Wolff opts for work that gives visual pleasure and manifests its own particular beauty.
Other illustrators whose published -- or rejected -- work appears here include Maurice Sendak, Edward Gorey, Milton Glaser, Garry Trudeau, Charles Addams, Larry Rivers, Sue Coe, Saul Steinberg, Steve Brodner, Ben Shahn, Art Spiegelman, and Barbara Kruger.
1916) and Max Kahn; and Bernarda Bryson (1903-2004) and social realist artist Ben Shahn. Bryson-Shahn's experience is a typical one.
While including entries on the more predictable artists such as Ben Shahn, Raphael Soyer, and Max Weber, she also includes some unexpected entries on significant contemporary artists such as Richard Serra and Barbara Kruger as well as sketches of several Jewish photographers who have played a key role in the advancement and acceptance of the medium as an art form.
Kitaj, Jack Levine, Barnett Newman, Archie Rand, Abraham Rattner, Ben Shahn, Max Weber, and Ruth Weisberg.
The injustice of the trial became a rallying cry for many artists, and several of Ben Shahn's paintings of the two men are incorporated into the film.
Ben Shahn, a contemporary of Lawrence, is a comparable figure in many respects: both painters emerge from a rich tradition of storytelling, and they share some artistic solutions.
A favourite reference of Bee's was from a collection of essays, The Shape of Content, by American artist Ben Shahn, in which he asks the question, "What makes an artist?" Shahn sees the need for a unity of personality and view, combined with the creative capacities of the person so that acts, works, thinking and knowledge are part of a whole.
Dismayed at other Canadian artists' lack of interest in social and political subject matter, she urged the Group of Seven and their followers to abandon their nostalgic, picturesque landscapes and assume a "more inspiring role" in "help[ing] your fellow man in the struggle for the future." (236) Diana Linden's essay on Ben Shahn examines his New Deal murals and sees strong markers of interwar Jewish identity in their dedication to liberal social policy, support for immigration reform, and desire for political freedom.
We call the mural Love and Joy About Letters, after the title of Ben Shahn's autobiography, because so many of us have fallen in love with the designs of letters as a small child as Shahn described in his book.
In generic colored sweatshirts and black pants by Florence Klotz and set against Ben Shahn's cityscapes, 16 adolescents register emotional tumult through the ballet's five sections, from the jazzy finger-snapping that punctuates explosions of physical vigor to the sparse but moving duet between two tentative lovers, Rachel Rutherford and Craig Hall.
The works of black artists such as Radcliff Bailey, Whitfield Lovell, Gordon Parks and Carrie Mae Weems are included alongside the works of many non-black artists including Graciela Iturbide, Helen Levitt and Ben Shahn. The choices express the collector's social consciousness and her compassion for her fellow man.
Beginning this October, The Nasher will host two traveling exhibits: "The Evolution of the Nasher Collection" and "The Forest: Politics, Poetics and Practice" "The Evolution of the Nasher Collection" examines one of the world's major collections of 20th-century sculpture, starting with Nasher's first acquisition of a painting by Ben Shahn, continuing through the creation of the Nasher Sculpture Center in 2003.
Andy Warhol: Drawing and illustrations of the 1950's, a tall, slender volume, is a charming collection of Warhol's art from his early professional life, accompanied by an essay by Ivan Vartanian, "Invention of an Artist." While marred by a number of unfortunate spelling errors, this book nicely recaps Warhol's artistic roots in the commercial art world at a time when he was considered the "inexpensive version" of artist Ben Shahn. By 1964, this aspect of his career was all but over.