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valuable source of caviar and isinglass

small northern whale that is white when adult

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It's unique setting, sitting just below the Arctic Circle - and just above the 58th Parallel, which makes it in line with Edinburgh - make it one of the best places on the planet to see beluga whales.
The comparison of manual analysis results to automated detector results revealed that a minimum of three narwhal, seven sperm whale, 97 beluga whale, and four bearded seal detections were required per file for the species to be considered present at that time.
Sandra Steingraber's discussion of beluga whales includes a brief moment that seems open to this possibility when she thinks about whether a beluga whale would become aware of the symptoms of bladder cancer differently.
The commencement of drilling operations by Buccaneer is not expected to cause any material additional hazards to the beluga whale population;
Get the word out with free ringtones that celebrate the croaks, chirps and songs of 40 rare and endangered animals including the Blue-throated Macaw, Beluga Whale, Boreal Owl, Mountain Yellow-legged Frog, and Yosemite Toad.
THE beluga whale fixed me with its beady eye and casually blew a perfect ring of bubbles.
The statistics that inspired Pawel Wojtasik's twenty-two-minute video, The Aquarium, 2006, according to gallery literature, are so predictably depressing that they might seem to barely warrant repeating: The normal life span of a beluga whale in the wild is between twenty-five and thirty years while in captivity it is a mere seven; Rincon Beach, in Santa Barbara, is frequently closed due to elevated levels of bacteria from sewage and "urban runoff"; 65 percent of the coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico have been destroyed.
Key words: Arctic, beluga whale, CYP1A1, cytochrome P450 1A1, immunohistochemistry, St.
Although a reduction in detectability in higher sea states is expected, there have been no published reports to quantify this effect on beluga whale counts.
A DECADE AGO I WATCHED A DEAD BELUGA whale, adult male 14 feet long, deconstruct on a beach in Cook Inlet, Alaska.
If the law is passed, then nobody can hunt, harm or capture animals like the sea otter, beluga whale, whooping crane or leatherback turtle.
lt;BCharacteristic bulbous head of a beluga whale seen off the coast of Northumberland
In "The Status of Beluga Whales, Delphinapterus leucas, in Cook Inlet, Alaska, and Surrounding Waters: Part I (Shelden and Hobbs, 2015), seven papers were published in the first of two volumes dedicated to beluga whale research in Alaska, with a focus on the endangered Cook Inlet population.
The beluga whale is a sea-ice-associated marine mammal, and the EBS population selects habitat on the basis of sea ice concentrations: nursing females with young calves select coastal habitat, large males inhabit ice-covered areas, and medium-sized males and females with older calves use mixed ice-covered habitat (Loseto et al.