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Italian cardinal and theologian (1542-1621)

a stoneware drinking jug with a long neck

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The Civic Data Alliance is excited to work with Councilman Coan and Bellarmine University to host this hackathon, said CDA event organizer Robert Kahne.
Caitlyn Wells from St Robert Bellarmine Catholic Primary
Cardinal Bellarmine had heard of Galileo's observations and wished to know if they were true and what implications they held.
Cooper played professionally in Ireland and Germany and began his coaching career as a volunteer assistant at Bellarmine in 2001-02.
Bellarmine jars take their name from the grotesque face that appears on the neck.
JUGGED: This Cologne Bellarmine achieved pounds 780 at a recent sale
Bellarmine clearly understood the difference between a hypothetical explanation and a demonstration and evidently had no trouble with Galileo's defense of the heliocentric view as an hypothesis.
The following faculty are part of this group: Rhonda Keen, Texas Christian University; JoVeta Wescott, Abundant Life Hospice; Sharon Hinton, Rural Nurse Resource Training Center; Eileen Rettig, Spring Hill College; Debbie Seider, Dallas Fort Worth Faith and Health Collaborative; Lois Banke, Asante Health System; Linda Garner, Baylor University; Donna Thomas, Wheeling Jesuit University; Maggie Miller, Bellarmine University; Deb Waring, Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries; Ruth Williams, Viterbo University; Beverly Siegrist, Western Kentucky University; Marabel Kersey, Nurses Christian Fellowship; Roberta Schweitzer, Purdue University; Carrie Whyte, Anna Maria College; and Pamela Dares, St.
For junior Nicole Cochran of Bellarmine Prep in Tacoma, the winner over the 5,000-meter course in 18 minutes, 5 seconds, the challenge of facing runners from a different state was the most exciting aspect in her first appearance at the event.
I WAS saddened but not surprised to see St Paul's Academy - which is the successor to my old school, Bellarmine Secondary in Pollok, Glasgow - anchored at the bottom of Glasgow City Council's figures for achievement in the Highers.
ROBERT CARDINAL BELLARMINE (1542--1621) Born to a noble family, Bellarmine was well read in both Copernicus and Galileo and understood the mathematical foundations within the writings of each.
The jug dates back to 1607 and is an extremely rare and well- preserved Bellarmine vessel.
Augustine and Bellarmine downplayed a literal interpretation of the passage, but other commentators such as Joachim Fiore and the spiritual Franciscans stressed it.