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trousers with legs that flare

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Kannada director Jayatheertha takes viewers on a nostalgic trip with his comic thriller titled 'Bell Bottom.'
Maybe you just can't bear to throw out those embroidered bell bottoms filled with memories, even though they haven't fit you in years.
Seventies fashion may bring to mind flashbacks of bell bottoms and bandanas along with flower power rings, but recreating this look today need not require a trip to the charity or vintage store.
So think bell bottoms but with sharper tailoring and designer wedges teamed with bow-front blouses and ditzy jumpsuits.
SMUGGLERS, Cadillacs, cabarets, bell bottoms, blings and one-liners - these are some of the retro trends that director Milan Luthria is revisiting in his underworld saga Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, releasing soon.
Dozens of items are going under the hammer on Mel's official website - including a python hot pants number and pair of yellow velour bell bottoms with matching bra.
This year's theme is a "'70s Rock Party," where conference participants can dress in bell bottoms, tie-dyed T-shirts and love beads.
So turn back the clock (long hair and bell bottoms optional) and indulge in moussaka, quiche Lorraine or osso bucco, followed by evocative desserts like rhum baba and creme caramel.
The most popular thing is bell bottoms. They are totally vintage.
Say you really want this amazing pair of applique whisker wash bell bottoms, but Mom says they're way out of her price range.
To fill the apparent gap in the market, Littlewoods has launched a new catalogue called The Collection - to give the women who wore mini skirts and bell bottoms something to swing in as they approach their next half century.
While you will see bell bottoms and possibly hear "We Shall Overcome" at some 21st-century protests, student activism by today's teens and twenty-somethings differs greatly from that of their baby boomer parents.
The classes discussed ideas that reminded them of both eras, including everything from bell bottoms, flower power, and peace symbols to the Y2K "bug," aliens, and flying cars.
In a rebuttal to the pro-certification viewpoints espoused by representatives of Scientific Certification Systems, Waffle wrote, "(W)hile the certifiers may consider themselves in the position of the PC (politically correct) manufacturers in the '60 and '70s, I wonder if certification's not more like the 'pet rock' or bell bottoms; very hip and trendy, but gone in a few years after the 'new' wears off."
Compared with the loudness and subversiveness of working-class male fashion (i.e., bright greens, gaudy checks, tight bell bottoms and flared pants, etc.), genteel male fashion begins to look nearly as somber, reserved, and regimented as the proponents of the "Great Male Renunciation" have always insisted.