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trousers with legs that flare

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'Bell Bottom' follows Diwakara as he secretly investigates the case.
The idea behind development of the Bell bottom dump was to dispense with use of the most costly machine - the dozer.
The last time they were together, bell bottom trousers were in fashion and glam rockers Slade were chart toppers.
Opening with oldie, Let It Rain, from his first solo album, Clapton and his band of seasoned pros, including the excellent Billy Preston on organ, mixed the familiar Cocaine with the less familiar Bell Bottom Blues, from his time as Dominoes leader Derek.
Three songs which fell under suspicion were all from one of his earlier films, Bell Bottom George and were Swim Like a Fish, If I Had A Girl Like You and the title track, Bell Bottom George.
A dreamy take on Eric Clapton's Derek And The Dominoes classic Bell Bottom Blues stands out.
From Layla to Bell Bottom Blues and up to Tears In Heaven - the beautiful song inspired by the tragic loss of his young son Conor - Clapton has certainly been touched by genius.
Ben might not be into bell bottom flares but he has got a love of being an entertainer, recently dyeing his dreadlocks red - although he's ditched them now.
It was she who wore bell bottoms first, and one day attended a school event in a modish turtleneck blouse on which she had scribbled graffiti in black indelible ink.
- Bell bottoms were a trend from the 80's which has recently made a comeback in the west & has started to catch on as a trend again in India as well.
David Hasslehoff grroves with a bunch of dancers in blingy outsifts and bell bottoms and does all the disco moves just right to make you nostalgic of the golden bygone era.
I own zero pairs of bell bottoms. A few boot cuts but I haven't truly worn bell bottoms since the '90s so Dommi wins the fictitious battle of yore.
This would recreate urban folklore and would be fun to wear bell bottoms, ringlets and thick side burns", she added.
Lillie - the latest member of the Geordie Shore cast - wowed crowds in a stunning white lace cat-suit, complete with on-trend 70s inspired bell bottoms, as she introduced her collection of simple silhouettes to her home city.