Belize dollar

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the basic unit of money in Belize

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The value of the industry currently stands at approximately 75 million Belize dollars (One Belize dollar=US$0.49 cents) and employs thousands of labourers and provides business to several related services.'
The reports stated that the House of Representatives of Belize approved a sovereign guaranty for a proposed loan from the Caribbean Development Bank of $17 million Belize dollars (US$8.5 million) to enable Belize Water Services Ltd.
All costs in this study are presented in US dollars after converting them to 2007 Belize dollars by means of the national consumer price index (available from dms20uc/dynamicdata/ docs/20100901211434_2.pdf).
The government contract guarantees Kolbe 12 Belize dollars ($6) per day per inmate to cover food and housing.
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