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But tonight it is music (of a certain kind) that will have the eyes of the world on Belgrade.
Rangers go to Belgrade in 10 days in the second leg of the Champions League qualifier defending a 1-0 lead, and the club had expressed concern that the 1,000-strong army of supporters could also face trouble.
And he said he and his team-mates want to dump Gers out of the lucrative Champions League when the sides clash in Belgrade as revenge for Beasley's comments.
A strong desire to put an ugly past behind was clear during a week I spent in Belgrade in May as a participant in an exchange program with journalism professors from the University of Belgrade, the University of Georgia, and Clark Atlanta University.
7, 2005) at the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade (MOCAB) was an important exhibition about a time that few people seem to remember, from a country whose continued existence the world often appears to want to forget.
About 200 dignitaries and guests attended a ceremony Tuesday in the Ethnological Museum in the Serbia and Montenegro capital city to formally recognize Oba's contributions to relations between Japan and Belgrade.
However, a study investigating the occurrence of VRE strains in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, detected no such isolates in five different hospitals (8).
But while Albright was laying the groundwork to make war on Milosevic's security forces and Yugoslav National Army in Kosovo, she plotted his overthrow in Belgrade by other means.
If there's anything the employees of the British Embassy in Belgrade miss it's a good old-fashioned curry.
LEICESTER have been allocated 4000 tickets for their rescheduled UEFA Cup tie against Red Star Belgrade in Vienna on Wednesday.
Milan Duric, 26, thought the nationalistic tendencies stirred by antiwar protests in Belgrade would have created a sense of unity among Serbians.
I get e-mail messages from Yugoslav opponents of Milosevic, who demonstrated against him in the streets of Belgrade before the air strikes began.
That evening four Eucharistic celebrations, previously scheduled by Pope John Paul for reconciliation and peace, took place simultaneously in Rome, Belgrade, Tirana and Skopje.
On the 24th of May 1999, Scott Taylor travelled to Belgrade with the goal of providing an independent view of the events in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia.
Kratka istorija Beograda / A Short History of Belgrade. Belgrade, 1990.