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Vachhani said that having its own R&D center is one major differentiator that separates Belgium Glass from its competitors.
Originality, creativity and high value technology have enabled Belgium to develop its production structures on modern lines', he said and added that the in turn favours the birth and development of new industries.
The Belgium textile machinery industry comprises of about 45 companies, reports a turnover of 1.
Mention was also made of the Belgium companies currently engaged in the infrastructure development projects in Sri Lanka and the growing number of tourists arriving from Belgium.
7 March 2017 - UK-based speciality chemicals company Synthomer plc (LSE: SYNT) has acquired additives business Perstorp Oxo Belgium AB from Swedish speciality chemicals firm The Perstorp Group, the company said.
The United States provides no development assistance to Belgium.
Hussein Kaky, an artist from Southern Kurdistan known as Khalil Kakayi who has been practicing art in Kirkuk since the sixties, is now doing his work in the heart of Europe, Belgium.
This is also a major development in Sri Lanka - Belgium relations which goes back to 1864" stressed Rishad Bathiudeen, Minister of Industry and Commerce on 03 December.
The New Belgium glassware gift packs are sold for $8.
However, fighting the drug trafficking problem in Belgium can be difficult due to the large ethnic population centers, language, and cultural differences and the cross-border nature of trafficking.
VB's positions might be considered extreme, but it confined itself to lawful political activity and respected the individual rights of all residents of Belgium.
Serbia are dangerous opponents but tend to let themselves down against the smaller nations, while Belgium are tough to beat but do not possess enough genuine world class players.
Jim Wallace Enterprise USA(2), Belgium, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore pounds 13,833.
To that end they have sunk tidy sums into upgrading their manufacturing plants in the Flanders region of Belgium and are counting on new technology to improve quality and productivity.
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