Belgian waffle

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thick sweet waffle often eaten with ice cream or fruit sauce

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Euclid Cezar is a first-generation entrepreneur who founded Famous Belgian Waffles.
Cuisinart's most popular unit, said Rodgers, is the 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Maker.
You might as well top an IHOP Belgian Waffle with two McDonald's Quarter Pounders with Cheese.
was meant to capture the generic name Belgian waffle.
MARK WILLIAMS THE FACTS The bill Pulled pork PS7.95 Smothered chicken PS5.95 2x Lattice Chips 95p extra each Millionaire Chocolate Brownie PS3.50 Belgian waffle PS3.50 Pint of beer PS3 Pint of beer PS2.70 Total PS28.50 The details Car Parking: Own car park Disabled access: Easy access Service: Quick and friendly Overall: Basic but cheap pub grub?
"It's a bit like Belgian Waffles: sweet on the outside but really has not much substance to it.
THE RON-A-TON GROUP, the Chester, N.J.-based maker of niche and point-of-difference baked goods has debuted Unique Belgique Authentic Pearl Sugar Belgian Waffles.
Belgian Waffle Maker--These waffle makers make a lighter, higher waffle characterized by 1.25- to 1.50-inch deep pockets.
Nothing formal, just a mix of romance and fun by using natural materials such as twigs, pebbles and Belgian waffle ice cream cones.
I bought a Belgian waffle iron some 15 years ago and probably haven't used it in the last 10.
Why order a stack of pancakes or a belgian waffle when you can opt for light and delicate?
Choose from a whole range of tempting sundaes, including the famous chocolate muffin melt and belgian waffle or indulge in famous classics including the strawberry sundae or double choc & nut.
* Belgian Waffle Iron--Makes a lighter, higher waffle characterized by 1 1/4" deep pockets.
The Chef Supreme[TM] Gourmet Belgian Waffle brings the light, crispy taste of classic Belgian waffles to the breakfast or brunch table.
Be the first to enter the Belgian Waffle Mania in the Orlando FL market.
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