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red breed of domestic rabbits


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Belgian Hares, which date to the early 1700s in Europe, are a very historic breed in the United States, having launched domestic rabbit keeping here with their arrival in 1888.
Today, Zaloudek, who is secretary-treasurer of the Belgian Hare Breeders Club, says only about 400 of the animals exist in the United States--but their popularity is on the rise again, especially along the East Coast.
Zaloudek regularly culls from his Mini Rex, Belgian Hare and Flemish Giant herds, too.
Belgian Hares can't be depended upon to deliver these objectives, nor can Flemish Giants, nor most of the other "fancy" breeds.
We also hear a great deal about the Belgian Hare. (Actually, it is not a true hare at all, but a rabbit.
As a matter of fact, the type of rabbit we, as homesteaders, are looking for, wasn't developed until after the Belgian Hare episode.
At this year's show, breeders from as far afield as Cumbria and Scotland will be displaying their distinctive Belgian hares.
Honley Show rabbit secretary Maureen Hoyle has won several best in show awards in the past for her Belgian hares.
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