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a native or inhabitant of Belgium

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"Bud" Gurney pats Beth, a Belgian horse, last September at Waters Farm.
They were both Belgian horses, which were much bigger than their British cousins.
We still had Belgian horses into my youth, but switched over to tractors in the early '40s.
And when the cortege swept into Donegall Road, mourners outside St Anne's Cathedral fell silent as the hooves of the two huge black Belgian horses clattered out their sharp staccato.
After posting an update noting that we were handed Pepcid tablets upon entering the Iowa State Fair, we received an urgent Facebook message sending us to a friend's brother who was exhibiting Belgian horses there.
Plans are now in place for two black Belgian horses to draw Miss Davies' funeral carriage when the former legal secretary is buried in Treorchy Cemetery, Rhondda Valley, on Monday.
The Amish contractors use Belgian horses to bring the timber out of the forest.
He works with a couple of Belgian horses named Pat and Major.
Our farm is powered by five Belgian horses. Our family transportation is provided by one Standardbred buggy horse.
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