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The papers do not go beyond 1875, the year Greindl was sent to manage the affairs of what was to become the Belgian Congo.
Two years later, he went back to the then Belgian Congo to run the Leprosarium of Iyonda, in the Equatorial forest, where he stayed until 1959.
Although others have written on the importance of the U-2 aircraft in dispelling the "bomber gap" and "missile gap" between the US and Soviet military, Brugioni goes even further, exploring the use of imagery analysis to support US policy during crises and conflicts in the Suez, Hungary, Lebanon, Tibet, the Quemoy and Matsu Islands, Belgian Congo, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Israel.
Researcher Edward Hooper argues that the AIDS virus was transferred to human beings through poliomyelitis vaccines in the Belgian Congo. Between 1956 and 1960, Philadelphia's Wistar Institute used one million Congolese people as subjects for testing a vaccine against polio after a widespread epidemic of polio created panic across the world at that time.
Hampson points to the likelihood that Conrad would have had to sign a confidentiality agreement when taking up his posting in the Belgian Congo, something Marlow is required to do in the novella.
They've got the Belgian Congo but we've got the Scottish conga (as performed by the Tartan Army when we're awarded a throw-in).
In Congo Calling, she tells the story of how wanderlust overcame her during her mid-20s and, after a few years studying French and tropical medicine in Antwerp, she travelled to war-torn Belgian Congo, in central Africa, to work as a medical missionary.
Some of them were incorporated into the DRC at the time of the delineation of the territory of Belgian Congo in 1910.
The topics include wrestling with language on the Gold Coast, missionary ethnographers and the history of anthropology, ideology in missionary scholarly knowledge in Belgian Congo, and curing leprosy in Nigeria 1945-67.
Patrice Lumumba, born July 2, 1925 in Onalua, Belgian Congo, and executed on January 17, 1961, is a Congolese independence leader who helped win independence from Belgium and served as Prime Minister from June to September 1960.
Twice he pounded his desk and twice he shouted interruptions to show his disapproval at the way UN forces had intervened in the recent trouble in former Belgian Congo. Mr Khrushchev called for the UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold to be replaced by a three-man executive representing the western, Soviet and neutral camps.
Each part is composed of pairs of stools, one inverted atop the other: a classic walnut stool designed by Ray Eames for the Time & Life Building in Manhattan and an early-twenteeth-century stool from what was then the Belgian Congo. The showpiece of the exhibition, however, was an antelope mask, made at least eighty years ago by an anonymous member of the Baule people of Ivory Coast.
Some names typically dating from the Congo Free State and Belgian Congo era (like Bula Matari) seem to be still used in today's Democratic Republic of the Congo.
He had supported work in the then Belgian Congo and had been honoured by the Belgian royal family.
1950: Pierre Ferrari is born in the Belgian Congo, or what is now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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