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a native or inhabitant of Belgium

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The following day Werper spent in overhauling his Belgian uniform, removing from it every vestige of evidence that might indicate its military purposes.
But presently in the very hatred of the man for Belgians, Werper saw a faint ray of hope for himself.
There was a pause, during which I regarded them all with a steady and somewhat stern gaze; a dog, if stared at hard enough and long enough, will show symptoms of embarrassment, and so at length did my bench of Belgians. Perceiving that some of the faces before me were beginning to look sullen, and others ashamed, I slowly joined my hands, and ejaculated in a deep "voix de poitrine"--
Between 10 and 14 July 1960, barely two weeks after Lumumba's inauguration as prime minister of Congo, the report says, the Belgian foreign minister, Pierre Wigny, sent a diplomat to explore with the Congolese politician, Justin Bomboko, the possibility of a coup.
The EEC ruled that this state aid to to Beaulieu was 'incompatible with the common market' and the Belgian Government was instructed to recover this amount from Beaulieu.
A Mersey Partnership spokesman said: ``If this early success on the route continues then it should exceed our campaign target and increase the number of Belgian visitors and the amount they spend in the regional economy.''
The Belgian Supreme Court has ruled that lawsuits against Ariel Sharon may be heard in a Belgian court after the prime minister leaves office.
For the majority of 1952 the Belgian Battalion, together with most of the UN forces, were engaged mainly in small-scale patrol operations and the dangerous, but monotonous, task of holding and maintaining forward defensive positions.
Michel visited the girls at the Belgian Embassy in March in an attempt to achieve a breakthrough.
Serving the Belgian industry had been a mainstay for van Beckhoven, He was known to never turn down any request.
A Belgian court has ruled against Irish budget airline Ryanair in a case relating to labour rights for cross-border employees.
Neither the grandes machines of Napoleonic rule nor the overrehearsed canvases of the Belgian period seem comparable to the striking inventiveness of earlier works, like The Oath of the Horatii, 1784, which took Paris by storm when it was shown at the Salon of 1785, and The Death of Marat, 1793, a revolutionary icon so novel in its approach to painting that some scholars insist it singlehandedly inaugurated modernism.
Goethals, in collaboration with ordained priest Karel Denys (who is also the editor of the "Gazette van Detroit" considered to be the only Belgian newspaper in America), "Searching For Flemish (Belgian) Ancestors" is an invaluable introduction to doing genealogical research involving Flemish (today known as Belgian) ancestors and family lines.
When Argentine tennis ace David Nalbandian lost his temper and told him to be quiet, other Belgian supporters recognised the man - who was said to be very drunk - as sports minister Michel Daerden.
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