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a chain of more than 200 islands about 400 miles long in the western central Pacific Ocean

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Koror [Republic of Palau], Dec.13 ( ANI ): The Belau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC) in the Republic of Palau and Japan's NEC Corporation recently announced that the construction of a new submarine cable linking the Republic of Palau has been completed and is now ready for commercial service.
Faus expresa abiertamente que la radio se siguio haciendo desde los parametros y los estilos de sus comienzos y son muchas las ventajas y las posibilidades expresivas que van quedando relegadas por su oposicion a un sistema que se mueve a traves de la filosofia de hacer una y otra vez, solo aquello que funciona (Faus Belau, 2001); una especie de eterno caminar en circulos, sin abandonar la zona de confort.
First, empirical research results have been contradictory with regard to the effect of cognitive diversity on team performance (Bell, Villado, Lukasik, Belau, & Briggs, 2011; Shin et al., 2012).
El 8 de diciembre de 1907, se puso la primera piedra y se comenzaron las obras por sus planos, pero finalmente se decidio realizar el edificio por un diseno del arquitecto belga Paul Belau, admitido fuera de concurso, el cual se termino en el ano 1915 (Weiss, 1996:92-96).
The four were arrested in two major undercover operations conducted by the Belau Drug Enforcement Task Force (BDETF) between December 23 and 24, according to a report from Island Times in the city of Koror.
For example, Linda Belau and Ed Cameron argue that "Ishiguro's prose subtly evokes Freud's uncanny as it turns the homey comfort of English into something strange and foreign" (72).
No presente trabalho, as referencias da obra de Otto Groth foram retiradas da apresentacao do trabalho do alemao feitas por Faus Belau (1966) para uma versao espanhola.
Penetracion de la radio en Espana (10) 24.180.000 oyentes/dia Por sexo Hombres: 66,2% Mujeres: 57,0% Por edad 25-34 anos: 68,8% 35-44 anos: 69,9% 45-54 anos: 64,6% Por clase social Alta: 72,5% Media-alta: 68,5% Media baja: 63,1% Baja: 53,0% La radio, como los periodicos, compite con los nuevos medios digitales redibujando su papel (Baus Belau 2001) en este entorno cambiante.
"This is our flagship project in CITY WALK," gushes Veronica Smulders, Managing Director of the South American fashion outlet Michelle Belau. "Our stores have a concept back home of facing the promenade and the streets.
The Archaeology and Ecology of Fishing in the Belau Islands, Micronesia, Part 1 and Part 2.
In the Palauan view, their origins were rather more marvelous, given that, as Richard Parmentier reports, 'there is an important connection in Belau, as elsewhere in the Austronesian world, between the notion of foreign provenience and sacred power' (1987:39).
Veronica Smulders, a Peruvian expat, says that she would hear "numerous comments from many women regarding the dissatisfaction of the services of brands and the inability to address the different needs of women in the region." This led her to identify a business opportunity to bring Michelle Belau, a well-known Peruvian brand, to Dubai.
The following illustration of judicial slaloming is attributed to the Appellate Division of the Belau Supreme Court.
The tsunami warning was originally issued for the the Philippines, as well as Belau, Guam, Indonesia, Japan, Northern Marianas, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, and Yap, per the PTWC.
Its mineralisation is slow, so it improves the properties of light textured soils for a long time (Encke, Korschens 1988; Gruner, Belau 1990; Liepins 1993; Orlov, Sadovnikova 1996; Baksiene, Janusiene 2005).