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the Slavic language spoken in Belarus

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Vice President of the Belarussian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergei Nabeshko pointed out that cooperation between the two countries chambers of commerce and industry is facilitating the effective forging of relations, citing the fact that Budapest Days were held in Minsk in April of this year, in addition to which delegation exchanges are also helping both sectoral and regional cooperation.
The Belarussian said the defendant attacked her once she left the nightclub at 3am.
Thapa looked pumped up in the second round and launched an attack on Asanau, including some body blows, but contrary to the trend of aggressive boxing which the current scoring system demands, the Belarussian raised his guard and prevented Thapa from landing punches on his face.
Two major rounds of negotiations in the Belarussian capital Minsk in September produced deals on a truce and partial selfrule for the two Russianspeaking regions of eastern Ukraine that rebelled against Kiev in April.
Prosecutors said the 28-year-old Belarussian businesswoman claimed the rape happened last May.
Sechin's comments follow a meeting on between him and authoritarian Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk and the news that Russia's oil pipeline monopoly Transneft would cut supplies less than previously planned, despite the need for repairs.
Lieberman stands accused of receiving confidential details from Ben Arie of an investigation into his affairs by Belarussian police and of then seeking to reward him with promotion to ambassador to Latvia.
It was July 4 this year when a horde of plush toys fell from the sky and onto the streets in the Belarussian capital city of Minsk.
The visiting group comprised the Belarussian Minister for Sustainable Energy, two professors from Minsk University and a civil servant.
14 September 2011 -Russian potash fertilisers maker Uralkali (LON:URKA) views Belarussian sector player Belaruskali as an attractive target and it would buy a controlling interest in it, if it could make a valuation of the company, Reuters cited Uralkalia[euro](tm)s chief, Vladislav Baumgertner, as saying.
George had a great reputation, so when I was at Sheffield United and I signed a young Belarussian player, I also hired him.
Belarussian fourth seed, Azarenka, whose yelping noise when striking the ball has caused amusement and annoyance, stormed back in the second set though as Kvitova struck eight unforced errors.
Summary: Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko ordered security forces Wednesday to question local "political actors" -- a reference to the opposition -- over a metro station bomb attack which killed 12 people.
Azarenka has been chalked up as the 1-8 favourite by Bet365 and that's no surprise given the Belarussian has far more pedigree at this level than the 20-year-old qualifier from Romania.
I appeal to readers on behalf of the Belarussian children our team will bring over for respite this Easter.