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While historians agree that the level of participation of Belarusians in the Holocaust was lower than the local population in the Baltic States and Ukraine, a monograph describing the involvement of Belarusians in the extermination of the Jews has not yet been written.
Traditionally, employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Belarusian foreign missions abroad pay tribute to the memory of those fallen on the battlefields in the name of our Motherland and honor the feats of arms and labor of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.
Head of education at British Council Wales, Chris Lewis, added: "Roots and Treetops aims to improve contact between Belarusians and Europe and to raise awareness of the EU, European societies and their values, while also improving the participants' English language skills.
We should understand the Belarusians lived long time in their countryside of this among Belarusian speaking "Tuteishiya".
The Belarusian delegation will be received by the Speaker of Turkish Parliament Mehmet Ali Sahin.
However, the future of the programme was thrown into doubt last week after the Belarusian Government imposed a ban on all children travelling on aid trips overseas.
Gallup Poll data from 2007 show that having a close relationship with Russia is more important to Belarusians than having a close relationship with the United States or the European Union.
If the present authoritarian regime in Belarus drives many members of the intelligentsia to despair, educated and nationally conscious Belarusians can look back to a Golden Age between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries when, as part of a loose confederation known as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the ancestor state of present-day Belarus exerted considerable power and influence.
Only in the late sixteenth century did it become associated with the north-east of today's Belarus and its Slavonic population -- the would-be Belarusians.
These include such outstanding Belarusians as Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Kirill of Turov, Francysk Skaryna, Symon Budny.
Of course, mutual trade, or shopping visits of Belarusians to Lithuanian malls is a key factor in relations with Minsk.
Synopsis: A majority (60%) of Belarusians say democracy is important to the development of their country; of those, 25% are "somewhat" or "very" dissatisfied with the way democracy works in their country.
The final compliment to McMillin must be given to his impeccable transliteration of the Belarusian language, which reflects and presents both Belarusian alphabets (historically Belarusians have two, Cyrillic and Latin).
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chair of the Consultative Council for Belarusians Abroad under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, V.
Would it be right to say that many Belarusians do not care about the politics as long as they are able to afford a relatively decent living and pretty cheap goods?
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