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United States film actor (born in Hungary) noted for portraying monsters (1884-1956)

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No question the face before me was the face of the Bela Lugosi whose dark eyes, seen at great magnification on the screen, were so intense and brooding and threatening.
Bela Lugosi - Dracula, 1931THE charismatic Hungarian was the first to take Dracula on to the big screen after the rights from the Bram Stoker family were secured.
Two landmark lines which connect a historical (Vlad Tepes) and literary (Dracula, Bram Stoker, 1897) myth--discussed at length in a previous paper (Tudor 2013: 283-302)--to a cinematographical legend (Bela Lugosi)
That, of course, is Bela Lugosi's famous line from the original "Dracula.'' The count's polite refusal of normal libation has been repeated down the ages by others who've played the role, but Bela still stands alone in his delivery and menace.
A Joan Crawford dress, John Huston's The Treasure of the Sierra Madre draft screenplay and a nude portrait of actress Clara Bow, commissioned by her lover, Dracula star Bela Lugosi, will also be sold at Bonhams in November.
of Manchester, England) focuses on the films of Peter Lorre, Bela Lugosi, and Conrad Veidt, all Central European emigre actors.
"I grew up on Bela Lugosi; I grew up on Christopher Lee," Burton said.
Glass was asked to compose the first original music score for the re-release on video of the Bela Lugosi masterpiece.
Her last picture was the 1944 Voodoo Man with Bela Lugosi.
Detailing the drug use and eventual overdoses of an eclectic group, including Marilyn Monroe, Bela Lugosi, Billie Holiday, Freud, Hendrix, and Walter Benjamin, Jaffe tempers these insightful and often darkly humorous investigations with compassion, treating these public figures as individuals, as talented though troubled human beings seeking escape from an untenable existence, from reality as officially constituted.
The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings provides a fine collection of folklore and literary exploration of all manner of werewolves, covering centuries years of history and folklore and recounting all werewolf legends, from how to become one and how to slay one to detecting werewolves, famous personalities said to have had werewolf associations (including Hitler and Bela Lugosi), literary werewolves from Red Riding Hood to modern times, and more.
Also up for grabs are Harrison Ford's heavily annotated Raiders of the Lost Ark script, James Cagney's tap dancing shoes and Bela Lugosi's Ygor costume from Son of Frankenstein.
DRACULA (1931) Bela Lugosi played the famous role in Universal's film based on Stoker's novel.
Director Joe Johnston s update (starring Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt) of the classic 1941 Universal horror title (starring Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi and Maria Ouspenskaya) opened at No.