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(formerly) a title of respect for a man in Turkey or Egypt

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the governor of a district or province in the Ottoman Empire

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And when they arrived at the Market Street restaurant they said they were told by their business partners, Paul Doughty - a Labour councillor for Prenton ward - and Andrew Speck, that Bej was being reopened under new management.
i-ne bej ni gutta i-ne jaru yowe nakkani-ne nine kanna etta-ne kii'ro nakkanine
It is completely possible for the original document on Albania's independence to be in Struga because the son of Ismail Qemali (fighter for Albania's independence), Qazim Bej Vljoram, lived the last 17 years from his life in Struga.
Sharing his views with the media persons, Suryapada Bej, a beneficiary expressed his gratitude towards the security personnel for organising such a programme.
Referencing the 2009 Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, intended to provide protections to tenants in foreclosed properties, the attorney says it "was basically [intended to bej a wealth-transfer [mechanism]; they take money from servicers and have higher 'cash-for-keys' for the tenant."
The turbine's energy balance refers to determining certain energy parameters, which are used in the design calculation, for the adaptation of wind aggregates to the requirements of a comparative analysis (Dubau, 2007; Bej, 2003).
"Jude Celestin is an engineer," Bej Danda, a 31-year-old government official, said.
In 1989, ITP launched initial public offering (IPO) floating part of its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (BEJ) and the Surabaya Stock Exchange (BES).
Radikal sistoprostatektomi materyalinin makroskobik olarak incelenmesinde 3.5x2.5x2 cm olculerinde, cevreden duzgun sinirlarla ayrilan sag-sol anterior ve posterior loblari tutan bej renkli tumor izlendi (Sekil 1).
(57.) Bej a-Pereira A, Luikart G, England PR, et al.
According to the characteristics of the early Ottoman architecture, the mosques Ishak Bej (Aladza), Isa Bej, Sultan II Murat, Karli and Mehmet Bej (Burmali) mosques were built in Skopje, in Strumica- the Hunkar mosque, in Prilep--Carsi mosque and in Bitola--the Isa-Fakih mosque.