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Adding a uranium plant processing module to the existing gold plant, which will treat 80,000 tons a month of Beisa uranium ore.
Wits Gold also holds uranium resources at Beisa North and South, adjacent to Beatrix West, which have potential to be developed into a uranium producer.
A record number of young antelope were raised including 16 Scimitar-horned oryx, 27 Arabian oryx, ten Beisa oryx, four Addax, three Chad dama gazelles, six Mhorr dama gazelles and six Speke's gazelles.
Witwatersrand Consolidated Gold Resources Limited (TSX: WGR) (JSE: WGR), a US-based mineral exploration company, has announced completion of an independent review of mineral resources in the Beisa North project, situated in the Free State goldfield, South Africa.
Now it is known as the Arabian Wildlife Park, which houses more than 23 free roaming species including the threatened Arabian oryx and the Beisa oryx from East Africa, as well as other animals such as cheetah, blackbuck and spotted deer.