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the dialect of Chinese spoken in Beijing and adopted as the official language for all of China

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For this reason, his rime table is thought by some to be a record of the Beijing dialect of his time.
Two major educational conferences that were held at the provincial and central-levels in the spring and summer of that year had tackled the issue and determined that a unified national pronunciation should be devised on the basis of the Beijing dialect.
But the four tones of the Beijing dialect do not have a clearly discernable ru tone, which must urgently be corrected.
The editors collectively played down the significance of the changes to Guoyin in the Explanatory Introduction to the Tzyhhuey, while also playing up the prestige of the Beijing dialect, attributing to it the status of a long-standing historical standard: (68)
Guanhua in traditional times in fact was, for most Chinese, not based on the Beijing dialect but was an abstract ideal that allowed for a variety of interpretations depending on one's background, yet for which the prestige form was generally understood to be centered on the southern Mandarin of the Jiangnan region.
Zhu acknowledges the occurrence of all three affirmative-negative question types in Honglou meng but maintains that the language of the novel belongs to a VP-bu-VP dialect group since the Cao clan were Banner people (qiren) and Banner people typically spoke Beijing dialect.
Cao Xueqin must have been familiar with both Nanjing and Beijing dialects.
northern Chinese), particularly within the Beijing dialect, which subsequently became the model for the standard language in all of China.
There were, however, a number of words borrowed into the Beijing dialect which appear in Qing-dynasty texts, then subsequently disappear when the dynasty ends (see section "Manchu loans into Chinese," below).
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