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capital of the People's Republic of China in the Hebei province in northeastern China

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Air China Limited ("Air China") has become the Official Partner of the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games ("Beijing 2022") on August 23, 2017, the company said.
For example, the Beijing-Taibei Highway (Beijing section) supported by ICBC loans, open to traffic from the end of 2016, allows for 20 minutes to arrive in Hebei in case of no traffic jams, becoming the fastest highway from Beijing to Hebei, and the third road from Beijing to Tianjin, which helps divert vehicles from Beijing-Shanghai highway and Beijing-Tianjin highway.
She arrived in Beijing five years ago from the vast central province of Sichuan.
Our study had 2 aims: 1) to determine the prevalence of Beijing strains in Madrid and thus establish a reference for this genetic family before the impact of nonnative TB cases is experienced, and 2) to check whether the general parameters found for Beijing strains in Europe are valid for Spain or whether specific features can be identified.
Former LWVUS President Ruth Hinerfeld's generosity made the trip to Beijing possible.
Somehow, it is difficult to imagine the state-owned enterprises and the state-owned banks that lend capital to them telling Beijing that these deals may be good for the nation but they are not necessarily good for the nation's balance sheets.
However, as artistic director of Beijing Modern Dance Company, he is encouraging the development of the next generation of choreographers.
The overall strategy being pursued by Beijing in the Western Hemisphere follows "a classic mercantilist or even neo-colonial model," Hawkins contends.
The rest of the Beijing press was waiting for the government to declare its position.
Beijing is like a lot of big cities that are developing rapidly," says James Longhurst, director of the Centre for Research in Environmental Systems, Pollution, and Remediation at the University of the West of England, who recently spoke at the International Environmental Protection Congress in Beijing on air quality management.
On the final day of the PrepCom in April, 1995, in New York, the word 'gender' was going to Beijing bracketed two hundred times in the draft document.
From his palace in Beijing, the emperor oversaw a bureaucracy of over 20,000 men and a subbureaucracy several hundred times that size.
Allegations have arisen that the Chinese government funneled contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign just as the administration refused to enforce sanctions against Beijing for its human rights offenses and its violations of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.
What tactics did Taipei and Beijing use throughout these years to compete for Riyadh's friendship and what are the implications of this event for relations across the Taiwan Strait?
BEIJING -- Chinese flag carrier Air China will open a new non-stop service between the capital city of Beijing, its hub, and the northern Japanese city of Sapporo.
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