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(formerly) a title of respect for a man in Turkey or Egypt

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the governor of a district or province in the Ottoman Empire

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We're taking a very deliberative approach," Beigh said.
Beigh Badakhshie opined that people who say tourism would be affected say so because they are bothered about the effect the ban will have on them.
123) Saeed Mohammadi Alborzi, (2) Bashire Beigh Babaei, (3) Hamideh Varmazyari, (4) Masoud Mohammadiyan Beyragh
But now that the door has opened once, we expect many of us would be in," Samiullah Beigh, who led Jammu and Kashmir in last season's Ranji Trophy, said.
Arshad Altaf Bachh, MD; Sridhar Pulluri, MD; Aadil Beigh, MD; Chippa Raju, MBBS; Ranganath Deshpande, MBBS
Deputy Inspector General Shakil Ahmed Beigh said Thursday that the facility housed 45 children out of which five girls were sexually assaulted over a period of time.
32' 31" Librations Ulugh Beigh (crater) March 1 Casatus (crater) March 5 Humboldt (crater) March 14 Galvani (crater) March 27
Beigh - Brianne and Dan Beigh, of Eugene, a daughter.
With: Ashiq Dar, Waheeda Banu, Iqbal Dar, Masrat Jan, Bashir Beigh.
Other well-known indigenous poets in the movement were Noor Mohammed Roshan Arif Beigh, Premnath Pardesi, Pushkar Baan, Mohanlal Aima, Ghulam Mohammed Rah, and Abdul Sattar.
of Newton; four sisters, Suzanne Baker of Seffner, FL, Jeanette Beigh of Brockton, Nancy Devoe of Waltham and Brenda Collins of New Market, NH; as well as countless friends and family members.
The pews were marked with Casablanca lilies, Cymbidium orchids, and mini roses, banked with leather-leaf ferns and beigh bows.
Beigh GM, Dar GH, Bhat BA, Zargar MY (1998) Biological control of Fusarium root rot in common bean with Rhizobium leguminosarum.
Like The Zigzag Way, the novel travels into the past to excavate a history that spills beyond national borders, but, in The Holder of the World, our guide is the American Beigh, an "asset hunter" whose quest for a valuable Mughal diamond leads her to the extraordinary story of Hannah Easton (H 45).
Shabir Beigh, 31, sales manager, Fenham: They should give tax breaks or incentives for new businesses.