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German architect known for his simple utilitarian factory buildings (1868-1940)

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The officers went to investigate and found Behrens near her car and "displaying obvious signs of intoxication," police said.
For this study, Behrens gathered data on the average diets of people living in 39 countries as well as the dietary recommendations put out by governments in those countries.
The new lice treatment product, Behrens notes, is formulated with only three ingredients--neem, coconut and tea tree oils.
I feel a lot more confident in myself and my team-mates in the way we're playing," added Behrens.
Headquartered in Winona, MN, Behrens is the leading manufacturer of branded metal containers used in a diverse, growing array of consumer and professional applications.
The Democrats want desperately to protect those seats, and might conclude they can't afford to be cast as the party that wouldn't help put a replacement plan in place," Behrens writes.
And Jay Long will get to work alongside his high school friends, Behrens and Simmons.
Behrens tambem se ocupa, na Introducao, de elencar um percurso metodologico basico, atraves do qual a sua pesquisa foi estruturada.
Those victories put the Eagles level on points with Leicester Riders at the top of the BBL Championship - and Behrens is happy to see the side progressing.
That's where Behrens allegedly left the car on foot.
Watson assists the [intelligence] expert by enabling them to get through all that content much more quickly than they would be able to do otherwise," Behrens noted.
Behrens does a fine job of creating personable creatures that are engaging and fun.
Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) has hired Oliver Behrens as country head for Germany, Reuters has reported, citing people familiar with the situation.
Aesica: Detlef Behrens has been appointed vice president of business development for Finished Dose.
Local heavyweight actors, David Ndjavera and Aldo Behrens give the performance its anchor as it strives to convey a discourse between St Peter and the Reaper.