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Synonyms for behaviour

Synonyms for behaviour

the action or reaction of something (as a machine or substance) under specified circumstances

(psychology) the aggregate of the responses or reactions or movements made by an organism in any situation

References in classic literature ?
In all this we have characteristic differences between the behaviour of animals and the behaviour of matter as studied by physics.
I believe--as I shall try to prove in a later lecture -that desire, like force in mechanics, is of the nature of a convenient fiction for describing shortly certain laws of behaviour. A hungry animal is restless until it finds food; then it becomes quiescent.
I say only that the study of the behaviour of living bodies, in the present state of our knowledge, is distinct from physics.
The look and behaviour of everybody they had seen were discussed, except of the person who had mostly engaged their attention.
Her resolution was supported by Isabella's behaviour in their parting interview.
He was too diffident to do justice to himself; but when his natural shyness was overcome, his behaviour gave every indication of an open, affectionate heart.
No sooner did she perceive any symptom of love in his behaviour to Elinor, than she considered their serious attachment as certain, and looked forward to their marriage as rapidly approaching.