Begonia rex

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any of numerous usually rhizomatous hybrid begonias derived from an East Indian plant having rough-textured leaves patterned in silver and bronze and purple and red-brown with inconspicuous flowers

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"Begonia Rex need a slightly more shaded area, but because they have really beautiful foliage they go well with red flowers.
Begonia rex is grown mostly as a foliage plant, although a healthy, mature plant will produce pink flowers.
The leaves of Begonia rex can also be laid flat on a tray of compost, with the stalk removed.
Easy begonia rex, orange-flowered clivia miniata and the fragrant climber stephanotis thrive on neglect in my house.
He asks: "How do I stop the leaves on my houseplant Begonia Rex from shrivelling up?"
Some homes with have some of the relatively new non-stop tuberous Begonias in baskets and containers for the summer and a few will have at least one representative house plant such as Begonia rex.
Begonias are not hardy outdoors other than in our summers but house-plant species such as Begonia rex can be put outdoors in a sheltered and shady places from June to early September.
These are the large-flowered varieties that grow from tubers, not to be confused with other types such as Begonia semperflorens which have small red, pink and white flowers and fibrous roots, those with beautiful coloured and patterned leaves, like Begonia rex, or the tall, spotted-leaved Begonia coccinea, with delicate, cascading flowers.
Other plants suited to the living room are: caladiums, calathea rosea picta, aucuba japonica variegata, begonia rex, ficus and monstera.
I HAVE a Begonia Rex. The label said to keep it somewhere warm and humid, such as the bathroom or kitchen.
those with beautiful coloured and patterned leaves, like Begonia rex, and the tall, spotted-leaved Begonia coccinea, with its delicate, cascading angel-wing flowers, which have been prized house plants for years.
TAKE cuttings of begonia rex by slitting the leaves and laying them on moist compost in pots in a heated propagator.
I suggest you try some of the following: Chamaedora (the parlour palm), ferns, tolmiea (the piggy back plant), Swiss cheese plant (monstera deliciosa), ivies, cyclamen, begonia rex, bird's nest fern (asplenium nidus) and the creeping fig (ficus pumila).
QI HAVE a lovely Begonia rex. How do I propagate it?