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a card game for two players in which the object is to win all of the other player's cards

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Other appearances followed and he soon landed another leading comedy role in a series called Beggar My Neighbour, which also starred Pat Coombs, June Whitfield, and Peter Jones.
You're thinking of an earlier sit-com Beggar My Neighbour where two sisters lived next to each other with their husbands - Peter Jones and Reg Varney.
Playing beggar my neighbour sometimes means we lose out to the real competition in the global economy.
SECRET SQUIRREL, The Saint, Beggar My Neighbour, Z-Cars, Junior Points Of View, Juke Box Jury, Professional Wrestling
In the trading world, beggar my neighbour is a game that no one can win.
A beggar my neighbour approach, as Mr Edwards puts it, will cut little ice in the post-globalisation economy, nor is it likely to attract much of the funding at the disposal of AWM and other public agencies.