Common era

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Synonyms for Common era

the time period beginning with the supposed year of Christ's birth

of the period coinciding with the Christian era


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Other theories contend that the community is a result of migration, perhaps a voluntary or forced migration of Yemenite Jews in the last centuries before the Common Era.
Therefore, we see that two-thirds of Turkish society believe that a people [Armenians] who were the first people of this land to be written down in history, who existed here before the Common Era, are commonly believed to have only arrived at the beginning of the 1990s," he concluded.
The Apostle's initial intention was to spread the message of the long-awaited Messiah to the Jewish population, which had been thriving since before the Common Era, but he extended his message to the people of Malabar, who responded with astonishing interest, and accepted the new message.
is an expression of the already fully-developed sociology and ideology of some group at work in the last centuries before the Common Era.
The Daily Mail had last week reported that the BBC had replaced Anno Domini (the Year of our Lord) and Before Christ with the obscure terms Common Era (CE) and Before the Common Era (BCE).
The oldest written works about medicinal herbs have been handed down to us from ancient times, and some even from before the Common Era.
Part of a series that aims to provide comprehensive histories of modern nations with an emphasis on political and social history of the last forty years, this volume provides a survey of Bulgarian history from the roots of the first Bulgarian empire before the common era to the present.