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Synonyms for belfry

a bell tower


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a room (often at the top of a tower) where bells are hung

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Moreover, in addition to royalties on performances, he received almost as much, in installments, for his unfinished Le diable dans le beffroi (24,000 francs) and for La chute de la maison Usher (25,000) as he got for PeWas (25,666).
We stayed at the comfortable and superbly situated Hotel Du Beffroi, in the market square.
Proceedings of the XVIIth World Congress of Philosophy, Editions de Beffroi, Montreal, pp.
Rieder, 1923) and Le Diable Dans le Beffroi by Edgar Allan Poe (J.
The crowd, standing five deep ringing the square and surrounding streets, broke into applause which continued as the Prince walked the 50 yards to the city's medieval Beffroi Cenotaph.
Well-wishers hung from balconies above shops, waving flags, and shouts of congratulations could be heard in English and French as the parade made its way to the Town War Memorial, the Beffroi, where Prince Charles laid a wreath in honour of those who were killed.