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German composer of instrumental music (especially symphonic and chamber music)

the music of Beethoven

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For the Andante had begun--very beautiful, but bearing a family likeness to all the other beautiful Andantes that Beethoven had written, and, to Helen's mind, rather disconnecting the heroes and shipwrecks of the first movement from the heroes and goblins of the third.
For, as if things were going too far, Beethoven took hold of the goblins and made them do what he wanted.
He had said so bravely, and that is why one can trust Beethoven when he says other things.
Beethoven is so usually simple and direct in his appeal that it is sheer perversity to choose a thing like that, which, if anything, disturbs.
Edna went forward and opened the stove door, and Mademoiselle rising, took a letter from under the bust of Beethoven and handed it to Edna.
For the money, they gave us, not Beethoven certainly, nor yet Rossini; they played as they had the will and the skill; and every one in the room (with charming delicacy of feeling) refrained from finding fault.
Russell Martin and Lydia Nibley; THE MYSTERIES OF BEETHOVENS HAIR; Charlesbridge Publishing (Middle Readers:Nonfiction) $0.
Recent fashions in musical scholarship have shattered any illusion of historically consistent ideas about the composer and have given rise to a multiplicity of Beethovens critiqued with reference to the personal critical stance of the listener.
Until now, the only comprehensive study of this subject has been that of Alfred Ebert, in his article 'Die ersten Auffuhrungen von Beethovens Es-Dur Quartett'.
Beethovens Orchestermusik und Konzerte: Das Handbuch.
Beethovens Hair, which was published in an adult version in 2001 and became a Washington Post Book of the Year, brings forensics back into the realm of amateurs.
18 Ludwig Nohl has simply 'Aus Plutarch': Beethovens Brevier, Leipzig, 1901, p.
Badeker, 1838), 148-50, and reproduced in Beethovens samtliche Briefe, ed.
Evidence from the letters is firmly supported by the conversation books, for the publisher Moritz Schlesinger specifically attempted to persuade Beethoven to write more quartets, telling him in September 1825: 'If you write quartets and quintets, you gain for your nephew more money than with any other great works' (Ludwig van Beethovens Konversationshefte, ed.