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German composer of instrumental music (especially symphonic and chamber music)

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Jean-Christophe's musical creation is fundamentally reliant upon the ability to listen, which is in turn equated with an opening to the movement of the Spirit as the divine voice speaks through the Beethovenian hero's being in a gesture that Rolland compares to the act of prayer.
These include Christian Gottlob Bergt's (1771-1837) Beethovenian anthem Inotigidlaraptigit Jesuse (Unsre Seel' soil Dich erheben), Johann Friedrich Latrobe's (1769-1846) well-crafted baroque essay Makkilerlit Kaumalerlutillo (Mache dich auf werde Licht) and the majority of anthems by the Moravian Kappelmeister Christian David Jaeschke.
He tries to salvage such music by positing the alchemical, Beethovenian magic of Zahlenverhaltnisse as a force from which music can and must be liberated, so as to reveal another order of mystery--one in which music becomes the medium of pure interiority:
I had no way of knowing that her peculiar rigor as a performer derived from an aesthetic whose hallmark was exfoliating variation, in which repetition, a sort of meditative fixation on one or two small patterns, and an almost total absence of developmental (in the Beethovenian sense) tension were the key elements.
Beethovenian in style, his introvert nature counted against him in his career, but once again we have here a fine work in the Hyperion Romantic Piano Concerto series.
The revolutions of Beethovenian aesthetics reconceptualized the composer's score as a verbal text in need of "interpretation" through performance, as a perfected and integrated whole in which one could read, or "understand," a variety of musical ideas that the score developed.
For my taste, this part of the book becomes opaque with Beethovenian trivia, though no doubt others will find the ins and outs of Stockhausen's choices of one recording over another fascinating.
To pursue this idea of what a Beethovenian volume might be like: two essays from Part I - Erickson's 'Vienna in its European Context' and Enno Kraehe's 'The Congress of Vienna' - and one in Part III - Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann's 'Architecture and Sculpture' - would, on the face of it, all appear to have equal claim to figure in a book about Beethoven's Vienna.
Part II has a narrower focus, discussing the genesis of the new style in continental Europe in the music of Du Fay and his contemporaries, followed by a chapter on the influence of English music up to around 1450 and--as a long Beethovenian coda--a description of the spread of this new style laced with English influences throughout Europe, reaching the easternmost cities of the Holy Roman Empire and into Poland.
There is then, we are told, that very Beethovenian device, a 'coda', in 'What can I do to drive away'.
Thus the extreme contrast between the Fourth and Fifth concertos framed a wonderful mapping of the classical concerto form in all its Beethovenian ardor and intelligence.
The third movement itself was mostly gruff Beethovenian good humour, laced with heavy tensions, particularly in the pentatonic passages reflecting Magyar folk song.
Where Dahlhaus is obsessed by the failure of most symphonies to live up to the Beethovenian sublime, Brodbeck points out that Schubert's Ninth, with its "epic-lyrical" qualities, might well be the "new norm" that Schumann and others drew on (pp.
have been replaced by certain Beethovenian themes".
This is a composition of sustained Beethovenian growth from tiny cells easily identifiable in the memory, and its manipulation of texture reminds one also of that great Beethoven admirer, Tippett.