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a sting inflicted by a bee

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May be associated with a wide variety of complaints ranging from beestings and insect bites with swelling to allergic reactions (conjunctivitis, hives and other skin reactions), inflammation with swelling in various parts of the body (bladder infections are one example), and countless other conditions, again with swelling as the main feature.
A young boy is fearful of beestings, but a simple honeybee explains to him that honeybees, unlike wasps and hornets, simply want to gather nectar in peace.
The important point is that infants who were breast-fed by their mothers from birth had a much better chance of survival, because of their enhanced ability to fight infections, than the babies who were 'wet nursed' while the mother had the beestings, or those infants who were fed alternative foods from non-sterile containers.
Barefooted on the bank, glad-eyed, ankle-grassed, I saw it all and loved it at the time-- blettings, beestings, creamery spillage on her cleanly, comely sally trees and alders.
Modern interest in apitherapy can be traced to the 1888 publication of "Report about a Peculiar Connection Between the Beestings and Rheumatism" by Austrian physician Phillip Terc.