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tavern with an outdoor area (usually resembling a garden) where beer and other alcoholic drinks are served

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Home of sunny weather, green parks, packed beergardens and well-heeled bank employees, Munich appears mostly secluded from the racial violence, the recession and the reunification tension between Ossis and Wessis that have recently confronted other German cities.
A year ago, Colby Phillips and Patric Campbell opened Beergarden, a more elaborate food cart pod, near downtown next to Gray's Garden Center at West Sixth Avenue and Monroe Street.
The Beergarden has outdoor food carts but the venue has covered dining much of the year, and a craft beer and wine bar in an adjacent building.
Scott Bocci, the owner of Gray's Garden Center and an investor in the Beergarden, said he's been surprised by the activity at the new business.
Last June, after the bankruptcy matter was resolved, and with financial help from Bocci and Campbell's brother, Tim Campbell, they opened the Beergarden.
In the Beergarden, the food carts sell food, but not drinks.
The Beergarden has helped her Hawaiian food cart business because of its permanent location, covered dining area and consistent hours, seven days a week, she said.
Eugene resident Levi Begin, imbibing a flight with friends at Beergarden Monday, said the Bend Ale Trail is definitely on his bucket list.
Jaraczewski: "I wonder how Beergarden and its food carts will respond to the increased pressure of adding 10 more food carts to the area.
Eugene's first true food cart pod, Beergarden, became a hit when it opened at Monroe Street and West Sixth Avenue last year.
Four food trucks operate at Beergarden, across Sixth Avenue from the Oregon Antique Mall building.