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English writer and caricaturist (1872-1956)

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Resignation from Irving's company heralded the next phase of Nash's theatrical career as stage director to Herbert Beerbohm Tree at Her/His Majesty's Theatre, an association which lasted eighteen months.
Max Beerbohm once wrote about Queen Caroline, the consort of George IV: 'Fate wrote her a most tremendous tragedy, and she played it in tights.
Faded cuttings proclaim his incandescent effect on his audience - even Max Beerbohm, epitome of the aesthete, acknowledged that Dan Leno was not simply a wonderful comic - he was a wonderful actor.
So there sprang up a waggish tradition, from Peacock to Beerbohm, of mocking the style of his prolixity, but none of preserving its contents.
Max Beerbohm, crossing the road opposite Marble Arch, spotted him in the brougham that was taking him to Paddington Station: 'Irving in his most prelatical mood had always a touch - a trace here and there - of the old bohemian.
replied Max Beerbohm, when a copy editor suggested to him that punctuation was a mere matter of minor details.
His friends, though, recognized the real person behind the mask: his close companion Max Beerbohm, exactly his age and recently down from Oxford, remarked on his common sense and "inborn kindliness.
Steiner's absurdities, it is a great sorrow that Max Beerbohm cannot make a return visit in order to provide us with a caricature of the master at work.
Many of its brightest stars attended Ada's salon (Max Beerbohm, Walter Sickert and Aubrey Beardsley among them).
A Lawrence Durrell B Anthony Powell C Sir Max Beerbohm D Ronald Firbank 3.
Tillinghast, a poet and nonfiction writer, provides personal essays about his travels to places like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Oregon, Ireland, Italy, England, Tennessee, and Hawaii, including places he has lived, the architecture of various places, and poets, writers, designers, and other individuals who lived in them, such as George MacBeth, William Morris, Max Beerbohm, John Betjeman, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Peter Taylor.
For anyone interested in Dandyism, however, Ellen Moers's The Dandy: Brummell to Beerbohm [1960] remains unsurpassed, being both scholarly and as witty and elegant as the subject itself.
Herbert Beerbohm Tree produced some fine plays in London.
The 90 members of the class of 2016 include Khrystal Abbott, Alexander Baldwin, Joshua Barclay, Devon Barott, Raja Barrera Cheney, Garrison Bates, Jeremiah Bean, Braxton Beerbohm, Cassidy Bell, Megan Bradley, Karly Brewer, Chandi Brower, Cody Brownson, Anthony Buck, Maggie Campbell, Branden Carrillo, Savannah Carrillo, Fayth Castro, Joseph Chetwood, Bradley Cooley, Justin Crum, John Davis, Jr.
Max Beerbohm, for instance, parodied George Meredith's elliptical prose in "The Victory of Aphasia Gibberish.