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Synonyms for sausage

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Last night Dinos Continental Foods, which makes deli-style food like cured beef sausage and salami, confirmed its frozen products were at the centre of the London raids.
We also decided to give the traditional hot dog a British-style makeover after developing a pork and beef sausage using local meats and adding a unique blend of spices.
To validate how packaging and storage reduces Listeria monocytogenes on whole muscle beef jerky and smoked pork and beef sausage sticks, four packaging systems--heat-sealed without vacuum, heat-sealed with oxygen scavenger, nitrogen-flushed with oxygen scavenger, and a vacuum system--and four ambient temperature storage times were evaluated.
Kempinski Residences and Suites is showcasing a variety of German-themed salad such as German potato salad, noddles salad, beef salad as well as garden salad served with potato soup with sausage, rib-eye pomme fritts, lamb kofta pat, beef sausage, sauerkraut, sour bread, lamb goulash, butter cake and a selection of home-made bread.
5pts; =5, Owen Roberts a'i Fab - Traditional Pork Sausage, 26pts; =5, Best Beef Direct - Beef Sausage, 26pts; 7, AGAP - Monyana Beef & Mustard Sausage, 25.
Halal items on the menu include spicy beef sausage, roast and tandoori chicken, cured turkey and pepperoni, made from beef rather than pork, and all of it is produced and stored within guidelines by the Halal Food Authority - the UK's leading accreditation authority.
It's no longer just the usual pork and beef sausage.
Development work to overcome then criticisms entailed the preparation of a completely new recipe by Boyers departing in many ways from the traditional ingredients The result is a beef sausage containing a greater proportion of meat, which, it is claimed, does not shrink or become mishappen when cooked, and one that retains a succulent flavour.
This is a 100% beef sausage (no pork) that's fully cooked and semi-dried in the smokehouse for a zesty flavor.
The development of shark sausage was the work of another fisheries engineer, Jaime Catano Flores, who told Munoz that shark meat sausage is easily accepted due to its striking similarity to beef sausage.
Made with potatoes, Sauerkraut, and Kielbasa or the smoked beef sausage of your choice, this recipe is sure to be a hit.
And Christian Isobel Johnstone's The Cook And Housewife's Manual from 1826 gives two recipes for beef sausage.
Meanwhile, Sujuk Meshwi Aw Flambe - Armenian beef sausage - makes a grand entry.
Try the new Spicy Beef Sausage Slices, an ideal choice for a sizzling summer BBQ.
A few days earlier Mr Kennedy, 50, claimed the biggest prize of all - best lamb and beef sausage at the National Supreme Products Championships, Birmingham.