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Beck Hansen that is, grandson of another artistic rummager, the late Al Hansen.
A seasoned allrounder capable of turning himself to any generic makeover he cares to, Beck Hansen's ability to remake and remodel is long established.
Part Beck Hansen, part Barry Gibb, Wave Machines join that eccentric lineage of musical adventurers; XTC, The Beta Band, Hot Chip.
Beck Hansen (better known simply as Beck) might not be humanity's best hope for survival but, possibly, humanity's last hope for pop smarts when humanity needs it the most.
Nerdy rocker Beck Hansen has spilled the beans on the two bands who guested on his supercool LP, Odelay - Black Sabbath and The Muppets.
An embrace of hip-hop as the most compelling contribution of the '80s and '90s to the folk/blues tradition is what sets 25-year-old blond moppet Beck Hansen above his peers.
Beck Hansen - who scored a hit this month with Devil's Haircut - was put off performing after he became a laughing stock while wearing a donkey outfit.
Recovered from a brain haemorrhage, the French chanteuse has made this diverting but decorative album masterminded by co-writer/producer Beck Hansen. The breathy Gallic tones are given pleasantly off-kilter settings, though more passion and less posing would have been nice.