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a member of a Bantu people living chiefly in Botswana and western South Africa

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The Birmingham Post reported that the Bechuana chiefs, Khama, Sebele and Bathoen, unused to multi-storey living, were hesitant in using stairs:
When a king from Bechuana visited England in 1890s, he won friends and respect everywhere he went, and his tale cast new light on the interactions between Britain and her empire, as Neil Parsons explains.
It bordered on the south what is now known as the City of Massammedes, and its population mushroomed, taking in Hottentots, Damara, Bechuana, Bastudo, and Zulu peoples.
This is a greater dilemma to be caught in than is presented by the cranium of the young Bechuana ox, apparently another of the transcendentia, in the collection of Thomas Steel, Upper Brook Street, London, whose "entire length of horn, from tip to tip, along the curve, is 13 ft.
The entourage included the Bechuana Drum and Bugle Band, army-trained musicians who marched in formation wearing leopard skins, and an epidiascope so that pictures of the war and of the Batswana then participating in it could be widely seen.
Zulus, Bechuanas, Batlapins, &c, have made their exit in such large numbers that with all our hatred of and contempt for them as men and laborers we are driven to make the admission that we would rather have their company than their room.