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Nena Baker, a lesbian reporter for Portland's Oregonian, the largest newspaper in the Beaver State, has revealed how important this can be on volatile political issues.
angle: The serendipitous choice to name the new product Oregon Chai brought instant credibility with buyers around the country who associate the Beaver State with cutting-edge beverages from coffee to microbrews.
The Beaver State launched its own version of "workfare" this fall with Jobs Plus, designed so that those on welfare work for their benefits.
The Beaver State also buys a higher proportion of the country's electric vehicles (1.
He continued, “Recently the marketplace had been focusing on the State of Oregon to reach companies in Portland, Hillsboro, Corvallis, Beaverton, Eugene, Medford, Bend, Gresham, Salem, Springfield as well as companies in other cities across the Beaver State in need of custom manufacturing solutions.
Beaver State Needs to Buck up: Oregon Hits Bottom of the List
This isn't exactly Earth-shattering news (unless you're a dog) and Oregon is not about to start a TV show called "Catlandia," but the Beaver State does rank seventh in the nation for the best place for puddy to reside, according to a recent news release from Estately, a real estate blog.
Popular bumper stickers in the Beaver State include "Don't Californicate Oregon" and the to-the-point "Welcome to Oregon.
Trupanion, Pet Insurance Made Easy, Launches in the Beaver State
And the good news for Merseysiders is that getting over to the Beaver State couldn''t be easier, with Dutch airline KLM and partners offering a direct flight from Liverpool to Portland, Oregon, via a quick hop over to Amsterdam.
Girls basketball: The Beaver State Classic girls basketball tournament, open to players in fourth through eighth grades, is scheduled from April 21-22 at Marist High School.
com, listen to an interview with CIBC World Markets Analyst, William Hyler discussing MDU Resources Group's recent acquisitions of Roseburg Paving Company, Teeco Corporation, Beaver State, Inc.
After Oregon voters last February approved measures to tax higher income wage earners and corporations, Daley loudly denounced the move as "class war" and said he planned to recruit businesses in the distant Beaver State.
The properties are collectively known as Beaver State and produce aggregate materials, asphalt, ready-mixed concrete and provide construction materials in the southern Oregon County of Douglas.
OTC BB: MDIH) announced today that the Oregon Lottery has signed contracts for two additional licensed games, bringing to three the number of MDI licensed properties that have been or will be launched in the Beaver State.