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(art) the branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste (emphasizing the evaluative criteria that are applied to art)

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The Philippines' bet for Miss Universe Maxine Medina said she would be willing to take up a translator if need be, adding that she is proud to use such a beautiful language like Tagalog.
With a challenging three-part format, beautiful language and a unique adult male narrator, this dazzling novel based on true events should be the next historical fiction young readers reach for.
Regardless of education, background and political allegiances, Arabs are brought together by this rich and beautiful language.
Teachers of Grades 4 to 6 will find this to be a lovely book with which to begin the school year, not only for the message of tolerance it conveys, but also for the beautiful language in which it has been delivered.
Nature writing can often be a sombre affair filled with overly earnest if beautiful language trying to reflect the majesty of the wild.
cheap, low- grade, sub- standard cinema being made to damage a beautiful language and culture like Bhojpuri, it also appears to be another misadventure of a misguided soul, out to rake in moolah from dumb and gullible audience looking for sex and cheap thrills," Kunal Dutt, who has been running a campaign to save the historic Dutch- made Patna Collectorate from demolition proposed by the Nitish Kumar government, wrote on his Facebook post.
Magic, colorful characters, short chapters, beautiful language and fitting illustrations all work together to make this a compelling read for youth.
We seek no less than to reverse the trend by presenting strong, erudite, original narratives that access beautiful language and structure, harkening the works of Anais Nin, D.
What has happened to our beautiful language that people seem to want to make it so crass?
International Music Day puts music at the centre of attention, encouraging and inviting to listen to the beautiful language of music.
Beautiful language from that superbly insightful writing team, Jonathan Lynn and Anthony Jay, of the struggles between ministers and bureaucrats "putting one over each other," in the daily political circus.
Emotions, people, the world around them, both characters see this all through very artistic lenses and the narrative bursts with the most beautiful language, the most intense feelings, and the most passionate narrators.
She uses her beautiful language style to continually encourage readers to question their own thoughts and values around asylum seekers and, more generally, migrants to Australia.
The revised prayer book just doesn't capture the beautiful language of our Anglican past.
Laraque, who emphasized the power of language, states that Kreyol is "a beautiful language with the rhythm of the drum and the images of a dream, especially in its poetry, and a powerful weapon in the struggle of our people for national and social liberation" (p.
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