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The Beaufort Scale was originally developed in the early 19th century as a system for estimating wind strengths without the use of instruments.
Average wind speeds of between 40mph and 60mph, the equivalent to force eight and 10 on the Beaufort Scale, and gusts of up to 90mph not only caused chaos on the roads and railways, in the air and at sea but blew away an inflatable army tank.
Emergency services and highways departments were on alert as gusts up to force nine on the Beaufort scale blew down trees and caused havoc for boats.
The deaths came as sustained wind speeds of between 40mph and 60mph, the equivalent of force eight and ten on the Beaufort Scale, were recorded across many parts of the UK.
The Beaufort scale describes the wind effects and ranges from 0 to 12, with force 0 being calm and force 12 - with speeds of 73mph or above - a hurricane.
THE winds that battered many parts of Britain yesterday were classed between force eight and force 10 on the Beaufort scale.
The company said weather conditions were difficult, with winds measuring between six and eight on the Beaufort scale.
I'm a marshwiggle," said Gabriel Oaktree glumly, before explaining that he was helping his father out after half the staff walked, citing a European working time executive preventing them from doing more than five-hour shifts without a break, shortened to three hours if it was more than 23C or the wind was more than six points on the Beaufort scale.
Currently, moving house rates right up there with divorce and redundancy on the Beaufort scale of stress," said Mr Bovey.
The Beaufort scale moves through 17 classes from calm with a speed of 1mph or less, through light airs and breezes to a high wind (32-38mph), a gale (39-46), a strong gale (47-54), a whole gale (55-63), a storm (64-72) and six classes of hurricane-force winds blowing at from 73 to 136mph.
The system is designed with a light and compact frame, with strength capability that allows operations in conditions up to Sea State 6 on the Beaufort scale.
A powerful Atlantic weather front span across the South overnight, packing winds ranked force 11 of 12 on the Beaufort Scale.
Taiwan in fact has inherent advantages for wind power development, with over six months of northeastern winds every year that sweep across central and western coasts averaging 4 meters per second, or a force 3 wind on the Beaufort Scale that is strong enough to extend flags.
Before the decade is out we may all need a working knowledge of Beaufort scale 12 (windows may break, debris may be hurled about).
For example, at a speed of around 19 mph (a moderate breeze on the Beaufort Scale, Force 4) power generated is only 50% of capacity.
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