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The students reported that the weather during the week was "very nice," with sunny days, unseasonably high temperatures, and light winds with a Beaufort scale of 0 and 1.
The system is designed with a light and compact frame, with strength capability that allows operations in conditions up to Sea State 6 on the Beaufort scale.
Taiwan in fact has inherent advantages for wind power development, with over six months of northeastern winds every year that sweep across central and western coasts averaging 4 meters per second, or a force 3 wind on the Beaufort Scale that is strong enough to extend flags.
Before the decade is out we may all need a working knowledge of Beaufort scale 12 (windows may break, debris may be hurled about).
For example, at a speed of around 19 mph (a moderate breeze on the Beaufort Scale, Force 4) power generated is only 50% of capacity.
To put things in perspective, the amount of wind needed for the AeroCity VAWT 2 to generate electricity efficiently is classified as a 'Gentle Breeze' on the Beaufort Scale for measuring wind speed," Warner explained.
But winds measuring up to six on the Beaufort scale prevented the safety boats from accompanying them on the crossing and Sir Richard reluctantly decided they should turn back.
Inshore (distance from shore < 500 m) and offshore (distance from shore > 500 m) routes were carried out in the morning and early afternoon with Beaufort scale 2 or less, sea state 0 and visibility > 300 m.
Sir Francis Beaufort - an Irish hydrographer and officer in the British Royal Navy - established the Beaufort scale for indicating wind force.
His training with the weather service included a lesson on the Beaufort Scale for measuring weather effects such as wind speed and hail size.
He winds up with a close examination of what we still need to know about the effects of wind on humans, and includes helpful information on the Beaufort scale, the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, the world's worst tropical cyclones, the Fujita tornado scale, wind force and wind chill.
Beaufort scale, boomtown, cistern, downtown, Fault, fill earth, firebreak, five days, ghost town, Highway, one week, Plate, Railroad, Richter scale, Theodore Roosevelt, sawdust, six days, Dennis Sullivan, William Howard Taft, three days
Contributing to the value of the text are a chart of the Beaufort Scale, a diagram of the water cycle, a map of the North Pole, and a Venn diagram depicting the intersections of myths, legends, and history.
The international 'T-scale' ranges from zero to nine and is a simple development of the Beaufort scale, which has been used for more than 200 years to categorise surface wind speed.
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