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English dandy who was a fashion leader during the Regency (1778-1840)

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After graduation, the inseparable pair landed positions as custom tailors for Beau Brummel.
Everett Koop, from urbane dandy Beau Brummel to cigar aficionado Bill Clinton.
Indeed, Ernest is never seen about the Villa without a suit, though a tie for this beau brummel is optional.
Eventually, Lauren convinced a Cincinnati men's wear firm called Beau Brummel to let him head up a new neckwear division.
No sartorial Beau Brummel he, Jalamanta's only material accessory is a "weathered staff made from the twisted roots of a desert tree, crowned by the carved heads of two entwined snakes.
It wasn't Beau Geste I should have envied, it was Beau Brummel.
Among the more important later plays were Beau Brummel (1890), written for the actor Richard Mansfield, The Climbers (1901), Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines (1901), The Girl with the Green Eyes (1902), The Truth (1907), and The City (1909).
When a reporter wrote of him as `the Beau Brummel of Broadway', Fay rewarded him with a case of liquor and six months free food and drink at one of his clubs.
Beau Brummel became known for interest in what subject?
Beau Brummel, owned by Al Montasir, trained by Alan Smith and to be ridden by Adrie De Vries, is in best shape to win the race for locally bred horses to be run over 1,800 metres, starting at 2.
But Poulter's been hungry for this Major ever since gamely sinking the ten-footer he thought might win him the Claret Jug at Royal Birkdale two years ago, only for Padraig Harrington to eagle the 17th and leave golf's Beau Brummel to wait for another day.
I was sitting in the window of my London club early on Thursday evening, sipping a glass of champagne, when my companion suddenly announced, "I feel just like Beau Brummel.
Spanning three continents in 80 minutes, Black Atlas features an original score and depicts a vast range of key historical and fictional characters, including Molineaux, Richmond, George III, the Prince Regent, Paddington Jones, Beau Brummel and Pierce Egan.
In the last few years his visibility has been on the rise again, with plays for the National Theatre and Hampstead Theatre, a play about Beau Brummel which toured with Peter Bowles in the title role, and two projects for Warwickbased young people's company, Playbox Theatre.
BECOME a modern day Beau Brummel when you take in the catwalk shows at Bath's Fashion Festival next week (September 9-12).