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English writer and a central member of the Fabian Society (1858-1943)

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Beatrice Webb was always ambivalent towards Trotsky, despite the efforts of her husband in the second Labour government and her own signature on the petition in 1930.
Her cousin Beatrice Webb (then Potter) writes of Harkness in her own diaries, discussing how in the 1880s the latter lived in the East-London Katherine Buildings alongside many of the working girls in the district (Ross, "Margaret Harkness" 90).
A year later he was witness to another conversion of sorts--that of Beatrice Webb to mass politics.
En el equipo de los encuestadores que realizaron el survey se encontraba tambien la prima de Charles Boot, Beatrice Webb (entonces Beatrice Potter) quien contribuyo posteriormente a crear la London School of Economics.
One could be forgiven for thinking they had wandered into a Mills and Boon novel in the author's treatment of Beatrice Webb who 'had already lost her footing and slipped into the whirlpool of emotions to which she was irresistibly drawn but that she could neither comprehend or control' (p.
Does the nonsense that Sidney and Beatrice Webb wrote about a new civilisation' in the 1930s merit, now that it is a dead civilisation, seven pages in a contemporary argument about faith, freedom, and morality in Western society?
Most of the geniuses in Nasar's book-Marx, Sidney and Beatrice Webb, and Keynes, in particular--probably did more to thwart progress than to encourage it.
In 1913 Beatrice Webb, the Fabian socialist, sensed a wider women's movement allied with international labour and subject peoples on the brink of a new democracy.
If there was one overriding characteristic of the state which developed from that province, it was that it was a city-state, being likened in 1898 by British Fabian socialists Sidney and Beatrice Webb to a German principality.
In the words of Beatrice Webb, 'What was demoralizingAabecause it bred a poisonous cynicism about human relations'.
He came out of the army with a new passion for social research, fired by books by Charles Booth and Beatrice Webb.
Aqui podriamos decir que la leccion magistral ha venido del estudio de la obra de Beatrice Webb, Potter de soltera.
Abstract: This paper is devoted to an examination of the early development of Institutional Economics in the LSE and this is primarily undertaken by evaluating the governance theory of Sidney and Beatrice Webb.
The romance continued at least to 1936, with Keynes's review of Soviet Communism by his friends Sidney and Beatrice Webb.
As Chapter 2 reveals, Beatrice Webb had determined that she must pursue 'push and severity' in order to be effective as a social worker (p.