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English writer and a central member of the Fabian Society (1858-1943)

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Pensioner Beatrice Potter, 83, from Washington, was the winner of our Don't be Scrooge competition, scooping pounds 1,000 of MetroCentre vouchers and VIP tickets to see Scrooge the Musical at the Sunderland Empire.
I love the Beatrice Potter books and stories like Peter Pan.The fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen are fantastic too.'
In lighter syle, water has inspired art, notably Lake Poets, Wordsworth, Southey, De Quincy and Coleridge (with Arthur Ransome and Beatrice Potter coming later), it has spawned spa towns and provided leisurej, especially on newly revitalised canals.
Nesbit, Olive Schreiner, Charlotte Wilson, Beatrice Potter, Alice Zimmern, Emma Brooke, Beatrice Harraden, Charlotte Despard, and Dorothy Richardson.
Before 1900 women were largely unrepresented in the published writings on the subject, although Beatrice Potter (later Webb), Octavia Hill, Clara Collett and M.
Hill Design has Classic Pooh stamps and plans to bring out Classic Mickey -- in the next four months or so -- and Beatrice Potter cookie stamps and molds -- in 1998.
Beatrice Potter Webb drew heavily upon the diary she had kept for over fifty years in writing her autobiography.
The new adaptation of Beatrice Potter's classic may have her spinning in her grave when Peter does something unmentionable to poor old Mr McGregor, but it is proving a hit with young audiences.
The smaller, and some would say sweeter looking red, is loved by generations raised on Beatrice Potter's Squirrel Nutkin but the more aggressive greys have taken over much of its habitat.
Thanks to a Mirfield author children on both sides of the Atlantic will soon be taken back in their reading to the age of innocence of beloved writers like Beatrice Potter and Enid Blyton.
A valuable feature of this volume is its exploration of some of these, especially O'Day's chapter on the two female investigators, the well-known Beatrice Potter (Webb) and the less well-known, but important, Clara Collett.