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a member of the beat generation

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Esto es asi por el caracter homogeneizador, igualitario, de las communitas historicas franciscanas o beatnicks. Tambien por la esencia transformadora de la communitas como una fase dentro del proceso de cambio socio-cultural de sujetos y estructuras, tal como argumenta Turner en su obra.
Jobling has a new exhibition at Pyramid, Warrington's arts centre, where he will introduce the Biteneck Beatnicks.
THE club within a club that is the Left Wing at Coventry's Colosseum continues to be a mecca for assorted local beatnicks, 80s mullets, old hippies and facial-haired fashionistas.
He lampooned 'em all: the Angry Young Men, beatnicks, package holidays, rock'n'roll, coffee bar society, politicians, TV, and from the first radio programme transmitted on November 2, 1954 (cost, pounds 260), Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock, of 23 Railway Cuttings, East Cheam, found that spot in the national psyche reserved for just a few performers who become, in a way, symbols of their times - think Tommy Handley and wartime Britain.
"The Beatnicks," producers, Paul Perez Hahn, Stephanie Danan; director, Nicholson Williams; cast, Elodie Bouchez, Lisa Marie, Norman Reedus.
"It's one of the many forms of conceptual dialect used by the beatnicks, and which is only understood by those who are part of that circle," said Clayton.
SYDNEY Norman Reedus, Mark Boone Junior, Elodie Bouchez, Eric Roberts and Lisa Marie will go in search of enlightenment in tyro helmer Kevin Williams' directorial debut, "The BeatNicks."