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the pelt of a bear (sometimes used as a rug)

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tall hat


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The Coldstream Guards also contribute to ceremonial occasions, such as Changing of the Guard and Trooping the Colour and are distinctive for the black bearskin caps and red tunics worn by the five regiments of the Foot Guards.
KNOWSLEY: Knowsley South MP Eddie O'Hara urged the scrapping of real fur in guards regiments' bearskin caps.
Clad in grey with black bearskin caps, they had become a formidable body of light troops that fought best alongside Indian warriors in the hit-and-run of forest warfare.
The Welsh Guards have a leek as a cap badge, and wear a green and white plume in their bearskin caps.
Clary wrote to Her Maj last month - "from one queen to another" - to complain about her guards' use of bearskin caps.
It is a far cry from the ceremonial duties for which the Grenadier Guards are renowned, wearing their large bearskin caps and red tunics.
For example, the Foot Guards at Windsor Castle, where a state banquet is to be held, will be wearing bearskin caps - a tradition that began only after the British defeated Napoleon at Waterloo.