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a market characterized by falling prices for securities

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On the results, Murray said: "Despite the bearish market sentiment and lower LME prices, Alba continues to outperform its industry peers."
Asteco's data revealed that apartment rental rates in the Northern Emirates recorded average quarterly and annual decreases of three per cent and 11 per cent respectively as a result of economic uncertainties, bearish market sentiment and increasing supply and reduced demand.
(SMC) said investor appetite for the company's forthcoming share sale is strong despite bearish market conditions.
Islamic stocks were however seen gaining amidst an overall bearish market, which is up 7.98% year-to-date.
Again, this indicates the significance of genuine buyers in the currently bearish market.
The office sector continued to display little momentum throughout 2017 underpinned by a bearish market sentiment of low oil prices and regional uncertainties, which affected potential upgrades and newcomers to the market.
With wheat global supply on the rise, a bearish market outlook is expected to hit prices in the mid-term, analysts said.
Despite this protracted bearish market, Canadian companies remain the global leaders in mineral exploration expenditures and Vancouver is home to the world's largest cluster of exploration companies, with projects ranging from graphite in neighboring Alaska to major gold deposits in the remote ness of the Malian desert.
In contrast, if the future trend of stock price is descending, it is called bearish market. Moreover, a more intense rising or descending trend indicates a more typical bullish or bearish market.
The one-year forecast at NYMEX for paper WTI on July 22 was $50/b - indicating bearish market sentiment for 2017 crude oil price futures.
dollar, and bearish market sentiment in China, are creating opportunities for buyers of engineering resins to find new leverage points.
This is despite the fact that market indices, including supply and demand, speak of a bearish market in the coming months.
Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) was one of the shining stars in a bearish market as it posted an increase of 5 percent due to positive earnings expectations.
From a technical perspective, this is still a bearish market and this could be a situation where sellers took profit at the milestone lows around $37.70 before potentially reloading positions below the previous lower high of $45.