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Synonyms for bearing

Synonyms for bearing

behavior through which one reveals one's personality

the compass direction in which a ship or an aircraft moves

one's place and direction relative to one's surroundings

Synonyms for bearing

relevant relation or interconnection

Related Words

the direction or path along which something moves or along which it lies


Related Words

dignified manner or conduct

characteristic way of bearing one's body

heraldry consisting of a design or image depicted on a shield

a rotating support placed between moving parts to allow them to move easily

(of a structural member) withstanding a weight or strain


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Roller bearings are similar to ball bearings with the exception that the rollers are cylindrical in nature with cages of similar construction.
Both compressors have back-to-back impeller arrangements with centrally located balance pistons to control thrust and are supported by tilting pad thrust and radial bearings.
To fully ascertain the ultimate shear failure state and frictional sliding performance of laminated rubber bearings, low-frequency cyclic loading tests were conducted.
For decades, cylindrical roller bearings have stood the test of time in supporting the wheelsets of all types of rail vehicle.
When first installed, the SXL turbine guide bearings had an initial design clearance of 0.65mm (0.026"), allowing for up to 0.33mm (0.013") of water absorption into the bearing material, expected over the first months of operation.
Testing of cutting disc bearings presents another challenge for manufacturers.
A A damaged bearing is of no use to anybody, but dismounting the bearing should be carried out with the same care and precision as the original mounting process.
KG of Herzogenaurach, Germany, spent several years developing a new type of hybrid bearing combining elements of ball bearings and roller bearings.
The bode charts of the two bearings of the rotor which can be obtained by applying unbalance of 14.93 kg-mm at the cantilever end of the rotor are shown in Figure 3(b).
1 peaks at 10.84 Hz, which is the ball spin frequency of the bearing with 30 roller elements (15 on each side of a double row arrangement) running at 87 rpm.
[USPRwire, Wed Aug 21 2019] Air bearing spindle is a motor-driven shaft that either position and transmits power to a cutting tool or holds a workpiece.
[ClickPress, Wed Aug 21 2019] Air bearing spindle is a motor-driven shaft that either position and transmits power to a cutting tool or holds a workpiece.