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The cash-dispenser ATM can give instant cash against both local and outstanding bearer cheque. However, in such a cash, both banks will have to agree on the terms of clearance.
The bank note, in the form of a bearer cheque, was worth, at the time of issue on 1 June, about 90 US cents at the official rate and about half that at the parallel rate.
"Like pound notes - that was the way a bearer cheque was.
QUESTION: I have issued a postdated bearer cheque to someone who later reported that he had lost it.
If the politicians view it as an effective implementation of their 'politics of temptation', for the voters it is nothing more than 'a bearer cheque' to be encashed without a moment's delay, for God alone knows when the tide will turn.
If a bearer cheque is lost or destroyed the owner shall be entitled to submit an objection to payment of its amount to the drawee.
The cheque is made to someone else's name but, being a bearer cheque, it reached me.