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a bond issued with detachable coupons that must be presented to the issuer for interest payments


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Also, the Rs40,000 bearer bonds can be converted to Special Saving Certificates (SSC) or Defence Savings Certificates (DSC) through 16 field offices of the SBP Banking Services Corporation, authorised commercial banks and National Savings Centres.
The Finance Division has already discontinued the fresh issuance of Rs40,000 bearer bonds with effect from this year.
(6.) The Kadoka bonds were bearer bonds. A bearer bond is "[a] bond that is presumed to be owned by the person who holds it.
THE DISPUTE originated in the 1920's when Germany issued series of bearer bonds in the USA for revitalition of its economy following the devastating effects of WWI.
DANISH BEARER BONDS THE Stansted deal involved PS6.6million worth of fake Danish government bearer bonds.
Baker, TEFRA, and the Desire to Outlaw Bearer Bonds to Avoid Tax Evasion.
Burnham, Raoul and Junior are searching for a fortune in bearer bonds, which just so happens to be in the panic room.
He had been convicted in England in 1992 for his involvement in a scam involving bearer bonds.
First off, the cargo is not a few handfuls of jewelry, but bearer bonds, instead.
A mugger in London got more than he bargained for: the briefcase he stole contained pounds 292 million in bearer bonds.
They hide in a sanctuary called the panic room when three criminals besiege their home, searching for a fortune in bearer bonds, which just so happens to be in the panic room - where Meg and Sarah are hiding.
Furthermore, some bearer bonds "are almost equivalent to cash because they can be easily redeemed at financial institutions," a gift to money launderers.
FATCA would also repeal current tax benefits for foreign-marketed bearer bonds. Congress shut down U.S.-marketed bearer bonds in the early 1980s by imposing stiff tax sanctions on U.S.
Bonds issued after September 3, 1982 and notes issued after 1982 must be in registered form (see Q 1151); however, bearer bonds and notes issued before the registration requirement date may continue to be bought and sold in bearer form.
Fie had 23 million [pounds sterling]--then worth about $55 million, now maybe $100 million--in bearer bonds, which had to be delivered to another bank halfway across town by close of business, i.e.