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a wrestling hold with arms locked tightly around the opponent

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a takeover bid so attractive that the directors of the target company must approve it or risk shareholder protest

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A court heard Cae, of Porthcawl, was wearing a blonde wig when she repeatedly stabbed the boy, 16, who was on holiday with his parents at Happy Valley Caravan Park in the town Prosecutor Jason Howells said: "Cae held the boy in a bear-hug and drew his hand across his chest four times.
The show faced crowd-control issues as hundreds of people surged forward to get a closer look at the 'Om Shanti Om' star, with one frenzied fan storming the stage to give him a bear-hug, before being taken away by security.
Mr Teate said: "This will be the first real stain upon his record." He added Carr's invitation to his home was innocent with nothing untoward, and it was a bear-hug while drunk which was over in seconds.
"Anton's Right Here," the helming debut of Russian film critic Lyubov Arkus, is the sort of devastatingly moving docu that makes ands want to give everyone involved in it a bear-hug after the credits roll, or at least donate to an appropriate charity.
XTRA Factor presenter Olly Murs was stunned when contestant Luke Lucas lunged at him backstage and held him in a bear-hug.
After flashing a glimpse of his over-hanging belly as he lifted her up for a bear-hug smooch, he whisked her off for a romantic meal - at McDonald's.