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a wrestling hold with arms locked tightly around the opponent

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a takeover bid so attractive that the directors of the target company must approve it or risk shareholder protest

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In the Philippines, Grizz, Pan-Pan, and Ice Bear visited iconic places, snapped some bearfies, and shared plenty of bear hugs with thousands of fans.
The motto of Bear Hugs is "A place where learning is fun." For more than 15 years, its multinational faculty and staff of assistants have maintained a fun and safe learning environment for more than 120 students each year, between the ages of 2 and 6 years old, across four levels.
If you recall, our guv was seen a few weeks back figuratively locked in a bromantic bear hug with Veep Mike Pence when the veep was around these parts to raise funds for his newfound Granite State BFF.
After handing out checks - the amounts on which the secretary asked to be kept secret - Tugade gave each man a bear hug, saying he was really touched by their honesty.
Joanne Charles, a friend of the 84-yearold's daughter Bindi, told London's Southwark Crown Court that when he gave her one of his bear hugs it was like her father embracing her.
Over the past nine years the bank has collected teddy bears through its Bear Hugs project and donated them to local hospitals.
The advert shows the singer holding a teddy bear that covers her naked body and features the slogan 'Bear Hugs, Not Bear Caps'.